Monday, April 7, 2014

Tubbs Snowshoes Men's Venture Snowshoes, from Tubbs Snowshoes

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Buy Tubbs Snowshoes Men's Venture Snowshoes, 25 -Inch, Yellow/Black
Tubbs Snowshoes was one of the highest quality brand in market.

For the spirited day hiker who wants superior snowshoeing technology without breaking the bank, there's the Venture series. Loaded with great features including the proprietary Fit-Step frame, and the RII Revolution Response pivot system, the Venture has raised the bar for casual day hikers. Whether you're logging miles through the snow-covered trees to stay fit, or enjoying a stroll with family, the ergonomically designed Fit-Step frame makes your adventure more comfortable by reducing muscular skeletal impact by 10%. The gender specific ReAct binding features a molded, asymmetric base with patented Control Wings for directional stability. A single Cinch Pull makes entry/exit from the binding quick and easy.

  • Size: 25 - Inch
  • Color: Yellow/Black
  • Brand: Tubbs Snowshoes
  • Model: X09005125
  • Innovative and bio mechanical aluminum fit-step frame reduces muscular skeletal impact
  • Shock absorbing lateral flex and quick side slope responsiveness to maintain a natural foot position
  • Asymmetric and easy to use react binding combines gender-specific, stable base construction
  • Carbon steel heel crampon, optimizes grip on descent and side hill traverse

Buy Tubbs Snowshoes Men's Venture Snowshoes, 25 -Inch, Yellow/Black

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