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Tubbs Men's Frontier Snowshoe (Tan/Blue, from Tubbs Snowshoes

~ Tubbs Men's Frontier Snowshoe (Tan/Blue, - Are you looking for sale Tubbs Men's Frontier Snowshoe (Tan/Blue,?
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Deals For Tubbs Men's Frontier Snowshoe (Tan/Blue, 25-Inch)
Tubbs Snowshoes was one of the highest quality brand in market.

An incredible value for trail blazers and families alike, the Frontier now features the new 180EZ binding for ultimate ease-of-use and comfort. The Frontier’s lightweight and gender-specific design gives you the most efficient stride for packed trails while the Recreational crampon system gives you the bite you need for gentle, rolling terrain.

  • Size: 25-Inch
  • Color: Tan/Blue
  • Brand: Tubbs Snowshoes
  • Model: X11003125
  • Released on: 2011-07-10
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 12.00" h x14.00" w x25.00" l,1.00 pounds
  • The innovative and biomechanical aluminum Fit-Step frame, designed with a slightly upturned, rounded tail, reduces muscular skeletal impact on hip, knee and ankle joints by 10%.
  • Rotating Toe Cord design enables the tail of the snowshoe to drop and snow to shed off the tail, reducing cardio respiratory strain by 7%. The underfoot pivot point also allows the toe traction teeth to bite deeply into the snow when weighted.
  • The streamlined 180EZ binding features a simple, one-buckle tightening mechanism, coupled with an easy-to-use urethane heel strap for efficient, lightweight support.
  • Carbon steel toe and heel crampons feature front and rear braking teeth for a secure grip uphill, downhill and side hill in packed snow conditions.
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Deals For Tubbs Men's Frontier Snowshoe (Tan/Blue, 25-Inch)

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