Thursday, April 17, 2014

9 Series Snowshoe Kit - from Atlas

# 9 Series Snowshoe Kit - - Are you looking for sale 9 Series Snowshoe Kit -?
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Best 9 Series Snowshoe Kit - Men's 925 by Atlas Snowshoe
Atlas was one of the highest quality brand in market.

212066000925 Features: Achieve maximum performance with the Spring-Loaded Suspension system that keeps the snowshoe close to your foot and allows for a natural, athletic stride; suspension allows you to dig your crampons deep for added traction Eliminate pressure points and worst of all, binding hassle, all while adding comfort and support with Wrapp bindings; user friendly webbing that keeps your boots secure and snug fitting Move over snowy and slippery surfaces with the aid of All-Trac toe crampons and stainless steel heal cleats that aid in descending Reduce your travel weight without sacrificing durability with the tough 6061 aluminum V-frame Protect against sharp objects and prolong the life of your snowshoes with durable Nytex decking Gain control over your winter terrain with the 2-part poles that adjust to a maximum length of 51 inches and collapse to a compact length for easier packing Built to endure everything from the trail to the backcountry with seamless aluminum tubing for strength and durability; get a good pack of the snow for added grip with steel flex tips and alpine powder baskets Store your snowshoes and pole in the durable Snowshoe Tote bag Specifications: Snowshoe weight per pair: 3 lb 14 oz Snowshoe dimensions: 30 inches Snowshoe load: 150 to 250 pounds Snowshoe frame material: 6061 aluminum Snowshoe deck material: nylon Pole weight: 1 lb 3 oz Pole material: aluminum Pole extended length: 51 inches

  • Size: 925
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Atlas
  • See Description

Best 9 Series Snowshoe Kit - Men's 925 by Atlas Snowshoe

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