Friday, February 21, 2014

Tubbs Flex NRG 22 Snowshoe from Tubbs

@ Tubbs Flex NRG 22 Snowshoe - Are you looking for sale Tubbs Flex NRG 22 Snowshoe?
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Best Tubbs Flex NRG 22 Snowshoe - Women's
Tubbs was one of the highest quality brand in market.

Optimized for walking on anything from established trails to moderately steep alpine ascents, feature-rich FLEX NRG snowshoe is the gold standard for ergonomic comfort. The patented Soft Strike™ zone is coupled with the biomechanically-designed FLEX Tail™ to make the FLEX NRG a dream for your joints, and the new, slim deck shape makes your fitness or recreational endeavors more natural and comfortable.Progressive molded Snow Brakes, on the deck as well as the Soft Strike zone, improve weighted traction..Tubbs' advanced Torsion Deck™ design adapts to variable snow conditions underfoot. The decks allow torsional articulation throughout the body of the snowshoe, enhancing traction, biomechanics and comfort on uneven terrain..The Soft Strike zone on the FLEX NRG works with the FLEX Tail to absorb shock and reduce stress on joints and muscles. The advanced ergonomic design not only improves comfort, but also aids in weighted traction under the heel, as the larger Snow Brake traction element is fixed to the Soft Strike zone. Finally, Soft Strike makes for a quieter overall experience while snowshoeing..

  • Size: 22-Inch
  • Color: Grey/Blue
  • Brand: Tubbs
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 6.20 pounds
  • Women's-specific 180Pro binding features extended rigid Control Wings™, a locking heel strap and a contoured, padded upper for pressure-free comfort and added warmth.
  • The ergonomically and biomechanically designed FLEX Tail absorbs shock from heel strike, reducing the amount of stress on your joints and allowing you to snowshoe farther, longer and with less stress on your body.
  • Rotating Toe Cord design enables the tail of the snowshoe to drop and snow to shed off the tail, reducing stress and strain.
  • The underfoot pivot point also allows the toe traction teeth to bite deeply into the snow when weighted. A rotation limiter prevents over-rotation and shin bang.
  • Carbon steel toe crampon, ergonomically placed under foot, maximizes weighted traction and responsiveness while 3D curved Traction Rails ensure superior side-hill grip in hard or icy conditions.

Best Tubbs Flex NRG 22 Snowshoe - Women's

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