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Redfeather Alpine Ultra Technical Snowshoes, from Redfeather

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Get Cheap Redfeather Alpine Ultra Technical Snowshoes, 35-Inch
Redfeather was one of the highest quality brand in market.

MADE IN USA ALPINE Technical Snowshoes The seriousness of winter fun should not be discounted. And thus the world was blessed with crampons. Whereas some might say snow impedes their path to remote places, we say it just makes the journey that much more fun. And we all know life is a journey. Involving lightweight snowshoes with 360-degree crampons and a nice v-tail design for precarious perches.

  • Size: 35-Inch
  • Brand: Redfeather
  • Model: 101221
  • Released on: 2010-10-06
  • CRAMPONS: Eagle crampon system with aggressive 360 degree stainless-steel crampons which bite securely into hard pack or ice-crusted snow. Powder coated to shed ice and snow.
  • FRAME: Extruded 6000 Series aluminum tube V-tail design | Powder-coated Black
  • DECKING: White Hypalon II model 35 | weight (Ultra/Pilot II): 5.6 lbs./6.3 lbs. user weight: over 220 lbs.
  • ULTRA: A lightweight binding system which combines a quick V-strap to secure toe and a simple ratchet tightening system to adjust the heel strap.
  • HINGE: The Delta Hinge provides improved lateral support. This feature is exclusive to the Alpine models.

Get Cheap Redfeather Alpine Ultra Technical Snowshoes, 35-Inch

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