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TUBBS FLEX TRK Snowshoes Snow from Tubbs

# TUBBS FLEX TRK Snowshoes Snow - Are you looking for discount TUBBS FLEX TRK Snowshoes Snow?
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Where Can I Buy TUBBS FLEX TRK Snowshoes Snow Shoe Pair 24" Men's Black
Tubbs was one of the highest quality brand in market.




For new snowshoers and those looking for more comfort on their snowshoe excursions, the FLEX TRK offers all of the technical advancements found in the FLEX Series at an affordable price. With FLEX Tail, Traction Rails, and the new QuickFLEX binding, the FLEX TRK has it all. Tubbs understands that better biomechanics and ergonomics are just as important to the beginning snowshoer, which is why they created the FLEX TRK.

MSRP $149.95


  • color: black
  • size: 24"
  • dimensions: 8" X 24"
  • surface area: 165 in2
  • weight: 3.6 lbs/pr
  • optimal load: all weights on packed, up to 190 lbs on powder
  • model year 2009
  • condition: in oem packaging

*please note: the color scheme for these shoes is not the same as the 2010 FLEX TRK TUBB retail release. this unique scheme was originally intended for sale as rentals.  the color is the only difference between these shoes and the other 2009 shoes, and they are not marked as rentals.

  • Rank: #259963 in Sports & Outdoors
  • Size: 24
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Tubbs
  • Dimensions: 11.00 pounds
  • QuickFLEX Bindings: Includes the patented, integrated Control Wings to automatically center and secure the foot. Dual pull straps for quick entry and cinch strap for easy exit. Universally fits all styles of hiking shoes, winter boots etc.
  • ActiveLift Heel Lift: Takes the strain off the calves during long ascents and directs more pressure to the crampons for better traction.
  • Rotating Toe Cord - Rotation Limiter: Enables the tail of the snowshoe to drop and snow to shed off the tail, reducing cardio-respiratory strain by 7%. The underfoot pivot point also allows the toe traction teeth to bite deeply into the snow when weighted. A rotation limiter prevents over-rotation and shin bang.
  • Carbon Steel Toe Crampons: Deliver maximum weighted traction and responsiveness.

Where Can I Buy TUBBS FLEX TRK Snowshoes Snow Shoe Pair 24" Men's Black

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