Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Tubbs - Flex NRG Snowshoes from Tubbs

* Tubbs - Flex NRG Snowshoes - Are you looking for sale Tubbs - Flex NRG Snowshoes?
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Who Sells Tubbs - Flex NRG Snowshoes - 24 - Grey
Tubbs was one of the highest quality brand in market.

The Tubbs FLEX NRG snowshoe is the gold standard for ergonomic comfort. The patented Soft Strike zone, which acts like the shock-absorbing midsole in your athletic shoes to absorb shock and reduce footslap noise, coupled with the biomechanically-designed FLEX Tail makes the FLEX NRG a dream for your joints and the ideal choice for hiking on harder snow and ice. With the set-and-forget 180FLEX binding, and the FLEX Series 3D-curved traction rails, the FLEX NRG is designed to keep you secure on all-day treks.

  • Brand: Tubbs

Who Sells Tubbs - Flex NRG Snowshoes - 24 - Grey

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